Elevate Your Explainer Animation with a Captivating Voice!

TEFL Explainer Video: Corporate, Engaged Male Voice-Over for Explainer Animation and Corporate Narration

Corporate, Engaged Male Voice Actor Demo – Listen now

Not every industry is sexy, but your client still deserves a captivating video.

You’ve crafted a compelling script and gotten it approved, but there’s only so much you can do to make “traffic school sign-ups” sound interesting. So how do you make the explainer video pop?

You need a versatile voice actor who can elevate your script and keep listeners engaged.

I’ve worked in education for over 8 years as a teacher in 3 different countries. I’ve learned a thing or two about keeping students invested in the learning process. As a voice actor, I’m constantly improving my craft so I can confidently offer a professional voice that keeps your audience engaged, regardless of the subject matter.

I offer pro-quality audio, quick turnarounds, and directed sessions via zoom to bring you peace of mind and your client the right sound the first time. Elevate your explainer animation today!

Go to https://peterkersting.com/ to hear my full demo and discuss your next explainer animation or corporate video.


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