3 Why Live Abroad and Why Korea?

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3 Why Live Abroad and Why Korea?

How Teaching in Asia Was the Best Decision of My Life

Is there really such a big difference between visiting and living abroad? I spent the last year teaching in Asia. Living abroad was the best decision of my life. On this episode of Alone with Peter… World travel, the benefit of full immersion, and how to deal with culture shock. The big question, is it even worse coming back?

13 Countries and Counting

When the travel bug hits, it hits hard. Thirteen is the number of countries I’ve been blessed to visit, two of which I was able to live in for an extended period of time. I’m stranded on the mainland for now (U.S.A) but hopefully I’ll be out traveling again before long.

A Year Teaching English Abroad

If you’re interested in knowing the circumstances behind how, why, and when I moved to South Korea I’ve got a post just for you!

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