Alone with Peter Season 2 Trailer

Alone With Peter - A Peter Kersting Podcast about storytelling, interviews, world travel, and productivity
Alone With Peter
Alone with Peter Season 2 Trailer

Alone with Peter Season 2 is almost here and I am so excited to have you with me.

I’m your host Peter, and despite what the name of the show seems to imply it isn’t really all about me. Alone with Peter is a variety show for and about aspiring entrepreneurs, digital nomads, creatives, and those seeking personal growth.

What is Alone with Peter?

The second season of Alone with Peter is on its way and we’ve got a defined focus. 

This podcast, at its heart, is about inspiration and growth. How can we become the people we are meant to be? It takes hard work, resilience, and a whole lot of delayed gratification… because despite what the world might tell you…anything worth doing doesn’t come easy

I’m your host, Peter and on this podcast, you’re going to hear interviews with business owners, artists, digital nomads, TEFL teachers…People just like you or me, who are actively pursuing their dreams. 

We’ll discuss topics covering productivity, creativity, travel, and more! 

Guest Interviews with Real People You Can Relate to and Learn From

Each guest on this show has something different to offer. They come from a variety of professional disciplines and all are in slightly different stages of their careers but they all have something in common…a desire to grow and defined ambition. How did they find the courage to pursue their dreams?  In our interviews, we’ll dive deep into what set them on their journey, where they are now, and how their story can impact you, including any helpful insights if you feel inspired to take a similar leap of faith.

Whether you’re looking to travel the world, start your own business, pay off debt, pursue personal growth, and actualize a better version of yourself, this podcast was made for you.

Alone with Peter Season 2: What’s new with the show?

Season 2 of Alone with Peter comes with some significant format changes.

Interviews will be released in three-part segments.

Each episode tells a specific chapter of our guests’ journey. Helping us understand what motivates them, who they are, and how they’ve developed their talents over time. As we round out the interviews, each guest shares actionable tips for you as you continue on your own journey.  

New Segment: Ten-Minute Takeaways

For season 2 of Alone with Peter I’ll also be sharing a fun, new segment called Ten-Minute Takeaways. These are paradigm-shifting moments I’ve experienced reading, listening to, and learning from people far smarter than myself. I’ve distilled them down for your enjoyment but there will always be a link to the original source in the show notes as well as on Peter Kersting dot com if you want to drink from the fire hose. 

Don’t miss the launch of Season 2

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Dear listener. If you’ve made it this far, thank you for spending some quality time Alone with Peter. Be sure to like and subscribe to the show and I’ll see you in the future.


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