The Delicious: A 48-Hour Film

The Delicious: a 48-hour film

The Delicious is a 48-hour film project I am really proud of. This movie has my fingerprints all over it, from the story to the acting, editing, and the cover performance of the intro song. If you don’t like it, I’m entirely to blame.

One of the many upsides to being a teacher in Korea is the ability time to work on such passion projects.  In March I happily stumbled upon a Facebook advertisement to join a 48-hour film challenge in Jinju, a city just 40-minutes North of me as the bus rides.

The Delicious is my first collaborative project in Korea, and it’s also my first time working with this particular group of people. While my filmmaking experience is admittedly limited, making a movie is the perfect kind of passion project for me, so I jumped right in.

The 48-hour film format

For those unfamiliar with the 48-hour film-challenge format, it’s actually quite brilliant. The premise is simple, make a movie in two days — no ifs, ands, or buts. Each group is provided the same limitation at the outset. In our case that meant making a movie with a specific genre, line of dialogue, and prop.

The end product is what you see below,

The Delicious.

I am quite proud of my contribution to the film, but by no means is it something I could hope to execute on my own. I worked alongside some immensely talented people and I am really lucky they stuck it out with me through the chaos of this project.

박수연 graciously lent her talents on the piano while Nik Trapani offered his technical prowess, and sneaky-good MIDI skills to support my pet project.

All By Myself with friends

One more thing, we completed this short film nearly three months ago. Why wait so long to publish it, you ask? The opening credits.

We use a pretty iconic song. I imagine you might recognize it. Rather than deal with various copyright issues, someone suggested it’d be much better to record a cover. I loved the idea so much I decided it was worth the wait. Plus, it adds a sort of fourth-wall-breaking effect for the character. What can I say, I’m meta. Deal with it!

After badgering her to help me for months, 박수연 graciously lent her talents on piano for this cover. And of course, I would be reticent not to mention my appreciation for the skills of Nik Trapani who lent his time, equipment, technical prowess, and sneaky-good MIDI skills to make the recording happen.

A big thank you to everyone who worked on this film, especially the crew highlighted in the credits below. I really had a blast filming this, and I hope you enjoy the finished product as much as I do!

Plot Synopsis and Credits

A man becomes visibly distressed as the choco pies he consumes in his house keep inexplicably returning.
Starring: Peter Kersting, John Coleman, and Rachael Bryson
Story by: Alexander Cook, Jonathan Cook, John Coleman, and Peter Kersting
Screenplay by: Alexander Cook and Jonathan Cook
Directed by: Alexander Cook
Produced by: John Coleman
All By Myself by Eric Carmen
Piano by 박수연
Vocals by Peter Kersting
Sound Production and editing by Nik Trapani

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  1. Tshaba Avatar

    I thought that it was an authentic romcom!!!! And I appreciate the Cover! Beautiful voice sir!

    1. pistol90 Avatar

      That’s a super sweet compliment. Thank you!

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