The Miracle of Compound Interest: Saving Every Penny at 8 Years Old

Tanner sits down Alone with Peter to talk about saving every penny from the age of eight.
Excerpt from 28 Escape from Corporate America on Alone with Peter

Tanner Combias started saving every penny at the age of eight years old. In his early teens, he was already investing money and learning the value of compound interest and investment.

Tanner quit his six-figure job to pursue competitive tennis and travel the world in 2018. Three years and 16 countries later he has more money in the bank than when he started. Find out how he did it on Alone with Peter.

A hard-working go-getter, Tanner is excellent at pivoting when the need arises. If you’re interested in minimalism and money-saving, traveling the world, starting a business, or becoming a calculated risk-taker don’t miss the full interview with Tanner Combias on Alone with Peter.

Listen to the full three-part interview below

Part 1 with Tanner Combias
Part 2 with Tanner Combias
Part 3 with Tanner Combias

Looking for inspiration for traveling abroad?

Tanner documented his experience extensively on his blog which I highly recommend you check out!


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