This Japanese Marketplace is one of the coolest in Osaka

Trippin’ in Japan – A Photo Series

If you’re a tourist heading to Osaka, you have to check out Dōtonbori. Located in the Namba district of Osaka, this Japanese marketplace is full of little quirks. Dōtonbori runs alongside the scenic canal of the same name, but it’s the nightlife of Dōtonbori that really sets it apart. 

The people-watching in Dōtonbori is optimal, and the food is even better. I’d recommend coming hungry, but prepare to wait in line for some of the more popular restaurants. If you’re a foodie like me, it’s well worth it. Hang in the queue and take in the scenery!

The nightlife of Dōtonbori is what really sets it apart. 

This Japanese marketplace captivates at night. The market has its own distinct pulse. There’s this frenetic energy pulsating through it. Part of that vibe is the constant stream of people. In the few hours I walked around, I shuffled passed thousands of pedestrians.

One of Dōtonbori’s true claims to fame is the unique signage. Gigantic animatronic-crabs, pufferfish, clowns and other animated eccentricities hover over the bizarre-bazaar like guardians.

The other hotspot in Dōtonbori is the Nipponbashi Bridge. The bridge accentuates the frenetic pulse felt throughout. The skyscrapers in this area are truly massive and the bright, neon signage towers over the canal. The most prominent of these is the Glico running man. 

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Pro tip: get your hands up in the shot. Everyone’s doing it!

The running man is on the outskirts of the Dōtonbori market, and the bridge makes for a great spot to take an ungodly number a few Instagram photos to boost your profile. Which is exactly what I did.

I wish I knew more about the history of Dōtonbori, the Nipponbashi Bridge, and the Glico running man. From what I can tell, there’s a lot to tell. There’s certainly a lot to see and eat!

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