14 Asia, Anime, and Culture Shock with David

Artwork for episode 14 of Alone with Peter Asia, Anime, and Culture Shock with David
Alone With Peter
14 Asia, Anime, and Culture Shock with David

I’m joined by David Montez. Advertiser, TEFL Teacher, Artist AND Anime Enthusiast. On this episode, we discuss Asia, reverse culture shock, Asian travel nightmares, and why Anime is where it’s at.

David experienced culture shock upon arriving and leaving Asia

David isn’t your typical traveler. He’d never left the United States before moving to South Korea for a year. It was difficult to adjust both entering a new country and coming home. Luckily he’s made it back to grand ole Texas and he can tell us about it, including some nightmarish Asian travel stories. I hope you enjoy this episode of Alone with Peter… and David Montez.

Itching for more content? Check out David’s art

Next week we’ll be discussing why Anime isn’t just a niche market anymore. In fact, there’s an anime for everyone and YOU need to give it a shot. We’ll also be talking about art and cryptids. What are they and why does David draw them? Check out David’s Instagram, Jivefruits, for a sneak peek That will have to hold you over for now. You’ll just have to wait to be Alone with Peter, every Thursday, 9 AM MST.

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