16 How to Cope With Failure

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16 How to Cope With Failure

We talk a lot about setting life goals and establishing productivity on this podcast. Sometimes prioritizing life means revisiting our long-term goals and taking a long, hard, honest look at where we’re at. Recognizing that we’ve fallen short can make us feel like a failure, especially when some of the goals we’ve set are not even remotely on track. But do individual failures make us a failure? It’s time to reprioritize life and learn to cope with failure.

Revisiting and Evaluating Life Goals

Recently I decided to revisit my new year goals. The high of 2019 led me to create ambitious goals for 2020, a good thing. But revisiting my progress has me frustrated. Did I set too many goals? Maybe they weren’t SMART enough. Regardless, a few are churning at a good pace, several have fallen on the wayside, and several others have died a slow, silent death born of disuse.

As eye-opening as this exercise is, it’s also incredibly frustrating. What do I do with this this? How do I learn from my mistakes? And how do I move on.

On this episode of Alone with Peter: How to reevaluate goals, accept our failures, and learn from our mistakes. Don’t become a victim! Maintain a positive attitude and learn how to cope with failure.

Reprioritizing Life Goals

A holistic approach is important when pursuing productivity. No matter what your mind, or your mother told you, productivity is not king! Reprioritizing life is key if you fall into this rut. If you find productivity coming before your own personal health and well-being, I encourage you to practice the following exercise.

Create a list of the ten most important things in your life. Number one on that list should be the most important. Write honestly and earnestly, chances are some of these things are clearly on your mind, others may take more thought. The idea is to write what is honestly on your priority list

Got your list? Now it’s time to evaluate it. Remember to maintain an open mind. Why is the list structured the way it is? Should some of these priorities shift?

Care to share?

What are the first four things on your list? Is it prioritized correctly? I’d love it if you share your thoughts in a comment below.

It’s important to revisit this list throughout life. Things should naturally shift based on the changes in life, but I also find that we often want our priority list to look one way, but it looks quite different in practice. My ideal list looks something like this:

  1. God
  2. Diet
  3. Exercise/Sleep
  4. Creative Content
  5. Significant Other
  6. Work
  7. Friends
  8. Family
  9. Travel
  10. Hobbies

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