5 The Isolation Spectrum with George

Alone With Peter
Alone With Peter
5 The Isolation Spectrum with George

How to Survive the Coronavirus, Together

The silent killer of this pandemic is isolation. Whether unemployed or working from home, we find ourselves either in intimate proximity with family or alone in isolation. So how can we survive the coronavirus?

Social distancing presents a unique challenge for many of us. How do we stay physically safe without putting our mental health at risk?

The Isolation Spectrum: coping with isolation

I’m joined by my good friend George Heckard as we discuss ways to cope with isolation, how to maintain mental health, and strengthen our community.

There are people out there doing amazing work to keep us safe. A huge thank you to all first responders and essential workers. We are forever in your debt.

They are keeping us safe, but we can do our part too. George shares how he is doing his small part and we talk in-depth about what else is and might be, added to the table.

We are all in this together, and it’s important now, more than ever, to support and strengthen each other.

“Us” not “me” during the apocalypse

It’s hard to know when exactly this nightmare will end. It’s a stressful time for all. Some states are beginning phase 1 of their reopening, I wish the best; that cases will continue to decrease and the economy can start moving again.

Other states have decided to hunker down. I pray for the health & safety of their people, the economic means to bounce back, and their ability to cope healthily during continued social distancing.

It’s okay to have an opinion

Something I want to stress; it’s okay to have an opinion. It’s important to consider others’ point of view throughout this, especially if it’s different from your own. Does it mean you have to like it? Hell no. Can you think it’s stupid and dangerous? Absolutely, but freedom of speech is a primary component of a healthy democracy. Censoring someone for having “a dangerous opinion” is…incredibly dangerous.

Stay informed, remain open-minded, and strive to be understanding of others and their situation. “Us” not “me.” That’s the attitude needed to get through isolation together.

Disagree with me?

Fantastic! I would love to hear about it. Dialogue is key. My opinion isn’t absolute, not by a long shot. I want to hear what you have to say. Drop a comment and I might just address it in a future episode of Alone with Peter.

Stay safe, I love you all.


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