8 Autopilot, Smart Cars, And The Future with Zach

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8 Autopilot, Smart Cars, And The Future with Zach

Zach Martin and I are gearing up for our final lap. This time we take on autopilot, smart cars, and future tech. We’re pulling the E-brake and facing the —not so distant— dystopian future in the headlights.

Is this the future of cars?

Are self-driving cars a good idea? We dive into the absence of media ethics, & talk in-depth about Tesla, Elon Musk, and what the future might look like.

Stick around for the finale

It’s time to lay some rubber and round the corner as we lap last week’s episode of Motorsports & Mayhem. You don’t want to miss the finale, including a special sneak peek of next week’s guest, a game development student from the Netherlands, Rodolfo Fava.

It’s all coming up on Alone with Peter

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If cars and motorsports are your things, he won’t disappoint. Whether he’s fixing up his Kawasaki KLR 650 or tinkering with his beloved Toyota Land Cruiser, Zach’s always working on some kind of nifty mechanical project.

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