9 Making Video Games with Rodolfo

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9 Making Video Games with Rodolfo

Making video games. That’s the subject of this episode. I’m joined by Rodolfo Fava, a programmer and student at Breda University in the Netherlands. We talk growing up in Brazil, choosing to make games for a living, and the biggest challenges for a Brazilian living in the Netherlands.

What goes into making a game?

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to make a game from scratch, well, Rodolfo is doing pretty much that and he’s willing to share his story with us. You’ll find part 1 of our interview with Rodolfo Fava right here on Alone with Peter.

Interested in his video game projects?

For a chance to play some of the games he’s already made check out www.RodolfoGames.com. For updates on his most current project you can follow him on Twitter at Rodolfo_GameDev.

Missed the last episode?

It’s right here, silly!

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