My first trip to Japan was a beautiful trainwreck

Trippin’ in Japan: A Photo Series

From bullet trains to baseball, my first trip to Japan was a beautiful trainwreck. This photo series attempts to catch a little bit of everything. As always, your comment and engagement mean everything. 

Unexpected delays, hidden expenses, and too much to see in too little time. My first trip to Japan was a classic example of the phrase hindsight is 20-20, except — traumatic travel experiences and wallet-sized void aside, I would do this trip again in a heartbeat!

A beautiful disaster

I am fortunate to have found a solid travel buddy in my homie Salman from Noob2Nomad. A fellow English teacher, traveler, and blogger, Salman is no spring chicken when it comes to traveling Asia. He backpacked through Southeast Asia on a budget for ten months, and you best believe I leaned on him heavily during our antics in Japan. The man is a pleasure to be around, and thankfully we still like spending time with each other post-trip. 

Part one: Osaka Selfie-Strong

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Trippin’ in Japan Part Two – Dōtonbori: The Bizarre Bazaar.


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  1. Sonya Sathiapal Avatar
    Sonya Sathiapal

    Alright stop! Pajama time????????????????????????????best caption ever????????????????

    1. pistol90 Avatar

      I’m glad I got someone with that one!

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